You’re not just another link in the supply chain …
“Chemita… Your key to peace of mind”


Chemita is comprised of a small dynamic group of people throughout Australia, highly motivated in ensuring that the company’s ambitions and goals are consistently met.
The development of new products, marketsand suppliers are a pivotal part of our strategy.
Chemita is positioning itself as a leading force in the Australian market for the supply of chemicals. Chemita has substantial strengths in the sourcing and marketing of chemicals as well as significant strengths in the logistics area and a thorough understanding of the storage and distribution industry and networks.

Chemita works closely with customers and suppliers to achieve increased focus and greater efficiency in delivering on our commitment.
Communication is the key to our business, we ensure that we fully understand and interpret customers and suppliers requirements, both for products and services.

Chemita’s strengths can be attributed to its;

  • established key supply channels
  • established credibility and long term commitment to the market
  • expanding chemical portfolio
  • ability to offer a package of products to key strategic customers
  • efficient use of strong supply and marketing channels
  • efficient use of strong logistics network
  • low overhead operation, ensure savings can be passed on
  • utilization of international relationships and networks.